VO2 Max Health Risk Calculator

The VO2 Health Risk Calculator determines the level of risk you are at from metabolic type diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease and Hypertension.  Depending on your VO2 max i.e the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use to perform exercise will determine your level of risk.

To use the VO2 Max Health Risk Calculator simply add in your VO2max score and then check the table below to determine your level of risk.

Risk Rating

Relative Risk Table

<0.5   Excellent
0.5     Good
1.0     No Risk
2.0     Risk
4.0     High Risk
8.0     Very High Risk
>8.0   Extreme Risk

<=less than
>=greater than

Relative risk relates to the likelyhood of developing metabolic diseases (Premature Morbidity) as well as the likelihood of dying early (Premature Mortality). The standards are based on scientific evidence derived from research studies completed in the US on physical fitness in human populations. The studies found a very simple, but extremely important trend: The fitter you are, the lower your risk of developing various chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease and cancer), resulting in premature death.