Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

by admin on February 6, 2012

Presently there is much confusion among health professionals and the general public on the benefits of having olive or vegetable oil as part of a healthy Mediterranean diet. Much of the confusion comes from olive oil being associated with being good for the heart as well as the heavy marketing of olive oil as a healthy option. The aim of this article is to clear up any misconceptions on the use of vegetable and olive oils as part of a Mediterranean diet pyramid.

Vegetable oils including olive oil are a member of the processed food industry due to the fact they are processed and possess zero nutritional fiber and are generally lacking nutrition and therefore are one hundred percent fat!! Putting just 2 tablespoons of olive oil on your plate is the same as having a large tub of Ben & Jerry.

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Vegetable oils contain a high level of fat, which induces the liver to produce extra cholesterol and ultimately leads to the constricting of the arterial blood vessels. Including any kind of vegetable oil in your diet can elevate blood choleseterol levels to unmanageable high levels leaving the organs stressed and over worked.

Olive oil is one of the most concentrated forms of fat on the planet and it is strange that the government advisory health committees are promoting the Mediterranean diet pyramid and informing an obesegenic society to take olive oil as part of a healthy diet! Having said that, organic olive oil is definitely better compared to other vegetable fats, such as hydrogenated fats and margarine but it really has zero nutritional value.

The Rave Diet Success

Joel Fuhrman, M.D. from the highly acclaimed book, ‘The Rave Diet’ claims the fact that this kind of oil ismixed fruit nutritionally dead and that he grants vegetable oils a rating of just one slightly above high glycaemic confectionary that ranks zero on the nutrition value scale. Olive oil consists of nothing but fat and as the dietary fiber is taken out along with all the nutrients which are destroyed inthe process of making olive oil.

From extensive scientific research on test sujects it is now known that olive oil can end up being more damaging to the heart than consuming fatty meat. Moreover essential fatty acids found within certain oils used for salad dressings and cooking are significantly altered and have a tendency to break down and release toxins that induces destruction at the cellular structure.

Culinary food oils and condiments (dressings) have likewise happen to be associated in numerous distinctive scientific studies with malignancies and furthermore hydrogenated food stuffs including olive oil have proved to be linked to skin melanoma’s. Fats and oils have been proven to lower the immunity process as well as enhancing some harmful health conditions.

In turn they have no benefits for the body except adding unwanted calories and in addition causing havoc within the protective mechanisms of the human body. Even so, several studies demonstrate an important reversal of heart conditions such as sclerosis of the heart when using the Mediterranean diet pyramid and consuming olive oil as alternative to vegetable fats.

Alternative research suggests it’s not necessarily vegetable oils that are healthy, on the contrary, it is most likely a large intake of fruit and vegetables in a Southern European diet that is the reason for reduced levels of cardiovascular illnesses in these areas compared to the US. A healthy lifestyle does not arrest cardiac conditions unless it involves a high fiber intake of wholesome organic fruit and vegetables without processed vegetable oils such as olive oil.

olive oil bottlesThe popularity of the ‘Mediterranean diet’ stems from the early 1960’s when men and women, specifically in the region associated with the Greek Islands and the so called ‘Med’ happen to be almost devoid of cardiovascular disease regardless of their particular extravagance in olive oils.

This had not been as a result of the Mediterranean recipes or the consumption of olive oil, rather it was a farming outdoor lifestyle with a food menu of fresh vegetables, nuts, fruit and occasionally fish.

Unfortunately, modern day Greece and the ‘Med’ have accelerated the intake of nutrient deficient olive oils, and have replaced the plant based diet with fried and convenient foods. The change from a farming, exercise intensive culture has also had dramatic effects on the health of the local population with cardiovascular disease and gross obesity spiralling out of control!

It can therefore be assumed that the olive oil/ Mediterranean diet pyramid is a big white elephant and provides nothing in the arrest of cardiovascular disorders such as high blood pressure, blocked arteries and diabetes.

Most research departments in Western Europe and the USA will most likely concur the fact that plant oils such as olive oil ought to be omitted from a Mediterranean diet plan in order to promote better cardio health.

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

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