Multi Stage Fitness Test VO2 Max Calculator

The bleeps start off very slow which allows the body to warm up and then the bleeps gradually get faster. The bleeps are broken down into 21 levels starting at level 1. There are between 8 and 11 shuttles (20m) to each level and you are allowed 3 chances to make the line or marker.

Level 9 Shuttle 6 this can be placed into the Bleep Test Calculator and a prediction of Maximum Oxygen Uptake (VO2max) can then be given.

The Bleep Test Calculator calculations have been taken from the Official Progressive Shuttle Run Test which was designed by the National Coaching Foundation  (now Sports Coach UK) and University of Loughborough.  This aerobic test is scientifically validated and is now recognised as an accurate assessment of VO2max for thousands of sports clubs and physical fitness organisations.