Benefits Of Fitness

by admin on February 6, 2012

Fitness is a commonly used term in the Health and fitness industry and it most commonly refers to either general fitness which is usually associated with health and well being and specific fitness which is carried out by sportsmen/women and professional athletes. General fitness can be described as the ability to carry out daily living, leisure and work activities without any undue stress or fatigue.

Why Do We Need Fitness?

Many organisations now see fitness as an important measure of the body’s ability to prevent the early onset of metabolic diseases and premature death through daily exercise and sensible diet. Health authorties now recommend a minimum 30 minutes moderate activity per day which can be broken down into three 10 minute sessions. These activities normally include a brisk walk, swimming, cycling or any activity that requires you to breathe slightly harder than your normal rate. However, to increase fitness it is recognised that some sort of moderate to hard exercise 3 times per week should be included.

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A question that often is asked is “How do I achieve health and fitness?”. This may be the wrong question to ask and a better question to ask oneself could be… “How fit am I right now and what level of health and fitness do I need to have in order to have a healthy life free from heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and osteoarthritus?” Fortunately, due to extensive medical research both in the UK and the US we now know the exact minimum level of fitness that is needed for every person to live a long and healthy life.

Consequences of Being Unfit

Keeping yourself fit an important factor in everyday living. Consequently, you should understand why health and fitness is essential. Currently, the majority of the health problems are a consequence of an unfit and unhealthy body as well as poor nutrition.

Conditions like body pain and muscle discomfort especially in the lower back are the most prevalent outcomes of a poor lifestyle. Not enough physical exercise brings on excess weight gain and body fat and the shortage of actual physical exercise are primarily to blame for numerous health complications in youngsters and teenagers.

Why is Physical Fitness Important for Young Adults?

Newly released scientific studies have revealed some worrying facts about physical fitness among today’s young adults. Most adolescents spend at least 30 hours a week viewing television or computers as well as consuming excessive sugary snack items that leads to poor health. Nearly 50 per cent of the youngsters do not do any sort of physical exercise and as teens develop , quite a few of them have a tendency to avoid taking part in any physical training on a daily basis.

The onset of childhood diabetes and early stage heart disease is for the first time being evident in today’s young population which may be a sign of problems for the health and fitness industry in years to come.

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