1.5 Mile Run VO2 Max Calculator

Why are VO2 Scores Important.

For athlete or sportsmen/women this is an important benchmark to gauge how effective their training is and to have some historical data to look back on after each cycle of training.  For the non active person, this test can show whether there is a likelyhood of a health risk is in the future such as heart diease, hypertension and diabetes.

These fitness scores should be associated with other health tests when using it to test and measure ones health.  Other measurements may include a Waist Measurement and the Body Mass Index  (BMI) score.  Both health measurements and the fitness score when combined together will give a bigger picture when it comes to assessing individual health.

The recommendation from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is to carry out at least 30 minutes moderate activity every day which is the minimum level of activity required to to remain healthy.  However, it is now recognised that in order to improve fitness levels moderate to hard activity should be undertaken for 1 hour, 3 times per week using both aerobic and strength training methods.

It is known that health and fitness is a natural gift from the gods before most individuals reach middle age (40 years of age).  Nevertheless, after 40 there is a natural decline in average fitness (8-15% every 10 years)  and any health benefits from this point onwards has to be paid for with daily activity.  Research has shown that failure to do so will increase an individuals health risk unless they are in an active job which requires physical exertion such as a sportsmen, farmers, labourers etc.

The 1.5 mile/ 2.4 km run/ walk time is an accurate estimation of your VO2 max.  Simply enter the time it takes to complete 1.5 miles/2400 meters into the calculator below and this will give you your estimated VO2 score.

Test Completion Time: