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by admin on February 6, 2012

scalesIf you are looking for a simple way to remove stubborn fat, increase fitness and tone muscle then rest assured there is simple way to do it and it is all based on that magic word “consistency”.

Here at HLM Fitness, we aim to motivate and encourage people to stay on course by remaining consistent and true to their goals. This is the only way to achieve lasting success when it comes to weightloss and fitness.

The overall aim of any health program for most people is too look and feel good about themselves through different mediums. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix, magic pill or even surgery that can make you achieve permanent health and weightloss! These are all temporary fixes when all that is required is to change some habits (100 hrs for each habit to make permanent!) develop some self discipline and work to achieve your aims.

The first step on any fitness and weightloss program is to measure where you are and where you want to go. This will include finding out various things about yourself and writing them down in a diary.

Vital health statistics that you must have before you start on any fitness or weight loss program are the following:

Naked body weight
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Waist circumference
Resting Heart Rate (RHR)
Aerobic assessment (Walk Test; Run Test; Bike Test)
Local Mucular Endurance Test

If you have not done any exercise for a period of time then it might be worth while visiting a Doctor and explaining your aims and getting an overall health check. Doctors surgeries also provide cholesterol checks which is worth having in your fitness diary.

The easiest way to get all this vital information such as aerobic capacity, LME, BMI etc is to go down to your local fitness and health centre and a personal trainer will have no problem taking you through all these tests.

If you cannot afford to do this as it can be quite expensive then don’t worry as in my next post I will be detailing exactly how you can do all these health checks for free though you may need to borrow a few things like a tape measure and some weighing scales!


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